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Most Jersey Shore towns seem to have one long stretch beach with a similar vibe regardless of which street your park your chair.  Brigantine is unique.

With its wide variety of beaches that are not only great for splashing in the ocean and lounging in the sun, each beach has its own distinctive features that provide something for everyone. Take the Cove, for instance; despite its narrower beach, the Cove offers several activities that can’t be done on any other Brigantine beach. After driving onto the sand and parking on the sandbar, visitors can take their paddle board or kayak out onto the calm waters to grasp a moment of serenity and peace with themselves and the water. There are little to no waves by the Cove area, so avoiding them shouldn’t be a problem. Just paddle out into the calmness of the water without a care.  No 4X4 pass?  No problem.  You can walk onto the Cove at Pepper Cove Lane.

Fourty-third street beach (just outside of Coastal Haven) is a very wide stretch of beach, perfect for families who enjoy long beach days full of sand and sun. A peaceful walk down the dune-lined path at the end of 43rd street opens up to a massive beach that–although guarded–is never crowded.  The best part; the changing tides seem to always bring the gift of a wide, playful sandbar. 

Prefer a much shorter walk?  The North End beaches (at the Seawall) are also guard protected but offer a much shorter walk to the beach.  The appeal of a shorter walk does occasionally lead to larger crowds.

Fourteenth street beach (also the home of the popular ‘A’ zone) is an excellent spot offering drinks, lunch and dinner at Laguna Bar and Restaurant… right on the beach!

Finally, venture up to the northern tip of the island to check out the two story bird-watching tower and even a glimpse at Long Beach Island!IMG_6287

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