Shore Vacations During Covid-19

The days of packing up the car and heading down the Expressway without a care in the world don’t have to be behind us this summer. With just a few modifications, Summer 2020 can still prove to be one of the best yet!

Our family spent Memorial Day weekend at our second home in Brigantine (close by to Coastal Haven). We were excited, but definitely felt a sense of mourning for the carefree summers of years past. Nevertheless, we packed up the car and headed down for a long weekend.

While you do need a bit more planning these days, we didn’t find things to be that much different than usual. A few tips and tricks that helped us.

  1. Pack your masks!
    • Restaurant pick ups, food stores, and even curb-side pick up may require masks. Be sure to pack at least one mask for each member of your family.
    • Wearing masks on the beach is not required. Do what you and your family are comfortable with but keep in mind 43rd Street beach is quite wide so you can social distance without issue.
  2. Restaurants are open for curbside pick up AND delivery!
    • Each restaurant on the island has curbside pick up and most are even offering delivery of not only food but also alcoholic beverages and mixed drinks!
    • Plan ahead if you want to order (weekends are obviously busiest) and order before 5pm for faster service! (Check out our “Eats” page for a list of local restaurants but don’t forget about Atlantic City! Plenty restaurants just over the bridge are offering contactless curbside pick up as well!)
  3. Groceries
    • The local Acme on the island does have delivery but it can be challenging to find a time slot. Other options are to bring food from home or visit Brigantine Freshery and Brigantine Seaside Market
    • Another excellent option is visiting Ernest and Sons. They stock meat and frozen meals perfect for quick dinners!
    • Finally, our family has been bringing freezer meals to the shore for years! A few weeks ahead of our stay we’ll cook 4 or 5 freezer meals (think lasagna, stuffed shells, meatloaf, etc.). We love the ‘no fuss’ aspect. Once we are at the beach we want to focus on family so it’s great to be able to just pop a pre-made meal in the oven after a long day at the beach.
  4. Activities
    • While the arcade may be closed, you can still bike ride (bike racks are provided at the condo complex), play a sunset game of whiffle ball on the beach (our family favorite) or visit Aunt B’s for Ice Cream. We also stock the house with plenty of board games and toys for the kids!

Finally, as we all know, this is such a fluid situation. Please feel free to check this site, or check in with us directly to stay up-to-date on any new openings or restrictions as they are announced!

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