Introducing Our Team

By now, you probably know our story. As kids, Brian and I grew up at the shore and even our parents and grandparents spent their summers at the shore (more on that in another post!). The Jersey shore is in our blood. It’s our happy place where we venture back to the “good ‘ol days”; when the kids play outside all day and the neighbors hang out after dinner sharing laughs, stories, and a drink (or a few).

Shortly after moving to Brigantine, we purchased Coastal Haven Condo so that we could share this same experience with our guests. Our goal is and has always been, a stress-free vacation that leaves guests focused on family.

Once we had the rental piece down and made great connections with our guests, plus had strong year-round occupancy rates, I found my passion in helping fellow hosts with similar goals. Building direct booking websites, creating branding and logos, staging…you name it–I was willing to help. A fellow host and I were having a conversation about my passion for vacation rentals and it occurred to me, I may be able to turn this into a business. From there, Vacations by Coastal Haven was eventually born. We are now proud to say we have helped several like-minded clients and are even looking at ways to expand our business.

So who is the “we” I’m referring to in my posts? Following along the same lines of how we manage Coastal Haven Condo, I wanted my family to be included in our Consulting Business as well. While I manage most of the business including coaching clients, marketing, copywriting, editing, and curating all of our packages and services; both my husband and older daughter play a considerable role in our success. Take some time to meet them below…

My daughter, Madison, is incredibly talented in digital media including video editing, graphic design, drawing, and hand lettering. She takes on the task of creating our video tours for clients, graphic design that includes digital ‘hand lettering’ using the Apple Pencil, as well as standard hand lettering and even murals. She also assists with staging when she’s available. To say she has a gift for the arts is an understatement.

My husband, Brian, manages the finances. He’s also my second set of eyes for editing, and marketing concepts and helps me vet any new ideas that seem to creep up often! And if I’m being truly honest, he provides endless support and encouragement; without him, there would be no Coastal Haven ANYTHING!

Finally, I’d be remiss if I failed to mention my mom. Although not an “official” part of our team, she is a certified Real Estate stager for homeowners looking to sell their property. She’s my go-to when I run into challenging layouts or just need to bounce off some ideas. She is beautiful both inside and out but hates her photo posted so I’ll spare her that here.

Without these individuals, I would not be able to manage the client load we currently have. I know our Consulting Business is my passion, but the support my family provides is immeasurable and truly a gift. They have taught me to step out of my comfort zone and even better–they’ve been there to make sure I never lose sight of my initial “why”.

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