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This picture is 10 years old. Little did we know, this stay at one of our favorite rentals in Ocean City, NJ would kick off our love for hosting.

We rented in Ocean City for years. The house we rented (pictured) was our favorite and we were fortunate to stay for two seasons. Why only two seasons? We were soon priced out. Rental rates change with the market but rates for this particular home went up far more than average. That third summer we rented a house that was absolutely horrific. Filthy, black mold, smelled disgusting…. The owner did nothing to resolve and we had a pretty miserable vacation. We decided it would be our last rental and we would purchase. (We still had no intent to rent–yet.

Many years later, we purchased in Brigantine. It was far more relaxing that OC and we loved the people and vibe. On a bike ride one day, I had an overwhelming feeling to share this island experience with other families.; providing a vacation that was stress free with a spotless home and special touches to make a meaningful stay.

That feeling led us to Coastal Haven. Over time, we were able to create a curated experience for our guests; providing amenities and special touches that we wished our rentals included. We try our best to keep rates reasonable, yet within market values. We’ve learned that owning a vacation rental is far more than making a profit. It’s giving guests time to focus on family, rest and relaxation.

With an averaged 70% occupancy rate over the last three years and nearly 80% direct booking rate, we’d love to help you set up your vacation rental to provide a similar experience to your guests.



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