Covid-19 Part III

What an ever-changing situation! We have a few updates to share since our last post.  We hope to compile all information you may need within our blog post since this situation constantly evolves.

Shore Vacations During Covid-19 (Part II)

Well perhaps Covid-19 has helped with one thing…no shortage of blog content! Things seem to change daily, but on the plus side businesses are slowly opening up. Since we’ve last updated, we’ve received notification from the Governor of the following: Most import thing first, the short term rental ban is lifted so if you areContinue reading “Shore Vacations During Covid-19 (Part II)”

Summer Events

Brigantine may be one of the smaller, quieter beach towns, but there are certainly no shortage of events–especially with Atlantic City in our backyard! Check out the list of events below. For a full list of Atlantic City events, concerts and shows visit Our condo is just a 5 minute drive to Atlantic City!Continue reading “Summer Events”